Alida Rose Delaney

Interdisciplinary Artist

Photo by Michael Tapp

Alida Rose Delaney is an interdisciplinary artist from Brooklyn, NY. Her twenty-plus years training as a dancer, laid the groundwork for her career as a performer, photographer, filmmaker, & designer. 

Alida is currently Co-Producer & actor in the new play, Night Witches that "draws you in immediately and refuses to let go until it has taken what it wants" (D.C. Metro Theater Arts.) Still in development, Night Witches held consistent 5-star workshop performances in the surrounding area of D.C. & in New York.

Selected theater credits include: Night Witches, Fall Tour (Kathleen Anne Hefferon); world-premiere of Charles Mee's Soot and Spit (Kim Weild, New Ohio Theatre); The Fall (Jane Arnfield- Fringe Encores, SoHo Playhouse); & the world-premiere of Ouroboros Trilogy (Michael Counts- Beth Morrison Projects, Cutler Majestic Theater). In Film & TV: Cast Down, In A Sentimental Mood, Devour Me, Cinemax's The Knick, & HBO's Vinyl.

Alida has collaborated with internationally recognized visual artists: Alvin Booth, Paul B. Goode, Daniel Murtagh, & Jorge Tacla. As part of the 2016 NYS Pavilion New Ideas Competition, Alida & architect Cesar Juarez designed Pavilion Park, which was named the Queens Borough Winner. Her artwork has been featured in Constellation Magazine, the Queens Museum, the Hewitt Gallery of Art, & the George Billis Gallery in New York.

She received her BFA from Marymount Manhattan College, & was a recipient of the Dr. Rene Fortin & the George Farber awards. She currently lives in New York.

The relationship between Nina and Polina, played by Alida Rose Delaney and Elizabeth Chahin, was one of the more tender and interesting portrayals of emerging love between women that I’ve seen recently.
— D.C. Metro Theater Arts
“Presented with Ms. Weild’s company Our Voices Theater, it puts its money where its mouth is, casting-wise, nudging us to consider more deeply the notion of artists who don’t fit the standard mold.”
— New York Times
There is a disturbance brought to the story by The Woman in Black (Alida Rose Delaney), a muse or a dark angel, signing and dancing throughout the show...it is impossible to be certain who is in front of us.
— OnStage

What's Up



Written & Directed by Matthew Gasda

A play about language, identity, truth – about how we talk and touch, lie and listen, to one another.


Coming in FebRUAry & March

Red Feather's Short Film


Written & Directed by Alexia Salingaros (Tribeca Film Fest & SXSW filmmaker)

An injured ballet dancer who must exit the world of make-believe and hyperrealism in order to survive daily life.

Shooting November

Devour Me Film Release

Written & Directed by Michael S. Miller

Cinematography by Nicolas J. Capra


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.19.14 PM.png

Collaboration with painter, Jorge Tacla

On an upcoming exhibition in Italy

More information coming soon!



For past events


In A Sentimental Mood'S First Screening

November 12th

Syndicated, Brooklyn

Night Witches Phase II

Night Witches is one of those plays that is so well written that it draws you in immediately and refuses to let go until it has taken what it wants. The creativity and passion of its seven creators is obvious and should carry it far beyond its current incarnation...
— D.C. Metro Theater Arts


Beaux Arts Ball 2017

Skerry's Workshop Reading

skerrys - -.jpg

Written/Directed by: Christy Jones (Broadway's Philadelphia Here I Come)

Lambay Productions


4 Sisters gather on the eve of their older sister's wedding, to sing old songs; but the impending marriage brings to light each woman's anxiety about love, freedom, & happiness for their future life; sharpening long standing resentments between them.

Challenging Beauty Norms

Presenting Adore Me's Social Media Campaign–a video highlighting their mission of "lingerie for every body." The campaign showcases women who are challenging social norms and who want to share their story.

Follow Adore Me on Instagram.

Collaboration with Photographer, Daniel Murtagh

Cast Down Release

Watch an excerpt from the newly released short horror film, Cast Down.

World Premiere, Soot and Spit by Charles Mee (Obie Award Winner)

Presented by Our Voices Theater and directed by Kim Weild 

NYT Critic's Pick

“Charles Mee Jr.’s lyrical, fictionalized bio-play soot and spit conjures Castle’s world and work in a beautifully designed, dreamily evocative production directed by Kim Weild. From the moment we enter the space we are transported as [the show] springs to vivid life on a rustic, neatly cluttered set, with clever projections and pieces of playful art. It is a strange and lovely thing, a theatrical reanimation of an artist and his work.”
— New York Times
There is a disturbance brought to the story by The Woman in Black (Alida Rose Delaney), a muse or a dark angel, signing and dancing throughout the show...it is impossible to be certain who is in front of us.
— OnStage

Special guests in attendance have included: playwrights Charles Mee and Tony Kushner, folk singer Judy Collins, as well as James Castles' family.

Opening Night Soot and Spit

After having sold-out previews, the opening night reception was held at the New Ohio Theatre.

Night Witches Phase I -Workshop PERFORMANCES

  • Lynchburg College, VA: April 27th
  • Ground Rush Farms, VA: April 29th, 30th & May 1st, 2nd
  • William Esper Studios, NY: May 6th & 7th (invite only)
‘... it was refreshing to see all women writing, directing, producing and acting in a story about women. Night Witches highlights female strength but also femininity.’

Delaney had never before flown... ‘It was important for me to face my fear,’ she said. ‘I could not do this show without being in the air at least once.’
— Culpeper Star Exponent

Van Alen Spring Benefit

Find A Way web-series

Small appearance as Petey in writer/director, Scott David Reeve's 3 episode web-series. 

Constellation Magazine Launch

Celebrating the launch of the first digital magazine created only by women & for women. Check out Constellation Vol. 1 for Alida's photographs.


SONY Alpha Collective

A gathering of the top Sony photographers to test out the launch of the new 100mm 2.8 G Master lens.

Oceans 8

Directed by Gary Ross

Featured in Alvin Booth's "Nocturnes" 

At ACTE2Galerie Nov. 10 - Jan. 20

At WildProjectGallery Feb 9 - March 16

ABOUT THE ARTIST: "Alvin Booth offers to plunge into darkness...playing with the permeability between what is concealed and what is not, the series of photographs 'Nocturnes' are revealed very gradually..."