IN 2017...


~ Collaboration with Daniel Murtagh


~ World Premiere, Soot and Spit by Charles Mee (Obie Award Winner). Presented by Our Voices Theater and directed by Kim Weild 

“Charles Mee Jr.’s lyrical, fictionalized bio-play soot and spit conjures Castle’s world and work in a beautifully designed, dreamily evocative production directed by Kim Weild. From the moment we enter the space we are transported as [the show] springs to vivid life on a rustic, neatly cluttered set, with clever projections and pieces of playful art. It is a strange and lovely thing, a theatrical reanimation of an artist and his work.”
— New York Times



~Night Witches Phase I

  • Lynchburg College, Ground Rush Farms (VA)
  • William Esper Studios (NY)
‘... it was refreshing to see all women writing, directing, producing and acting in a story about women. Night Witches highlights female strength but also femininity.’

Delaney had never before flown... ‘It was important for me to face my fear,’ she said. ‘I could not do this show without being in the air at least once.’
— Culpeper Star Exponent

~ Van Alen Spring Benefit



~ Constellation Magazine Launch - the first digital magazine created only by women & for women.

Isabelle Fuhrman & Jaclyn Bethany


~ Oceans 8

Directed by Gary Ross


At ACTE2Galerie Nov. 10 - Jan. 20

At WildProjectGallery Feb 9 - March 16


IN 2016...


~ Nov, 4 - 7: Cast Down (72 Hr. Film Project) written/directed/produced by Scott David Reeves.


~ October 5th-18th: The Fall moves Off-Broadway to SoHo Playhouse.

...a nuanced, layered, and gritty anthem of people learning to overcome tragedy.
— NY Theater Review


September 30th: Architectural League's Beaux Arts Ball

Pictured with artist, Darrel Frost

~ September 20, 21, 24: The Clockwork Boy, part of the Thespis Theater Festival

~ September 10th-17th: Ouroboros Trilogy, Naga makes its Boston World premiere, directed by Michael Counts


~ August 12, 15, 21, 24, 27: The Fall, part of the Fringe NYC Festival

~ August 18th: The Fall performs excerpts from the show at the 9/11 Museum.


~ July 20th - 23rd: Nomad Contemporary Ballet at the Great Friends Dance Festival, in Newport, RI.

~ July 16th: AGR Workshop with Casting Director, Brette Goldstein

~ July 14th: AGR Workshop with Casting Director, Allison Kirschner

~ July 12th: Video shoot for the world-premiere of Naga, Ouroboros Trilogy, directed by Michael Counts & produced by Beth Morrison Projects.


~ Thursday, June 30th: Nomad Contemporary Ballet in Translate (voices of dance) Festival.

 In rehearsal for  The Fall

In rehearsal for The Fall

~ Entry for the NYS Pavilion design competition, introducing Pavilion Park.


~ Saturday, May 28th: An interview with Women in Film, discussing being a hearing-impaired woman in the film/performance industry. 

~ Beginning voice lessons with vocal-coach, composer, and fellow MMC alum, Robbie Torres.

~ Thursday, May 12th: 

 Gowanus Hospitality Spring Party!!

Gowanus Hospitality Spring Party!!

~ Monday, May 9th: Alida collaborated with the internationally recognized artist Alvin Booth


Jonathan J. Marvel, Alida Rose Delaney, James Ramsey - Van Alen Spring party


~ Wednesday, March 16th - Alida will be reading as part of the 29th Street Playwrights Collective, under Emma Goldman-Sherman, at the Bernie Wohl Center.

~ Thursday, March 17th - Nothing Serious is being featured at the Queens World Film Festival.

~ Weekend of March 5th - Just wrapped Devour Me, a French noir film by award winning director, Michael Miller

~ Tuesday, March 1st - Alida recently shot with Seattle photographer, Sebastian Cvitanic.