Messages Review

This drama invites us to really look at ourselves (or not.) Delightfully alive/stuck cellist Maisie (ALIDA ROSE DELANEY)... are so perfectly cast that I feel I have already met them... It is not fair to make a box around any of them, and it is not fair to do so in “real” life. We are too complex for that, and MESSAGES helps us see that complexity. When sitting in a room with emotions writ so large and so palpable, it is hard to make a distinction between audience and actor.
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D.C. Theater Review of Night Witches

Night Witches is one of those plays that is so well written that it draws you in immediately and refuses to let go until it has taken what it wants. The creativity and passion of its seven creators is obvious and should carry it far beyond its current incarnation, which is still in the process of being revised. While the props and set seem simple at first glance, they are employed in a manner that sweeps the audience along with the pilots as they navigate the darkness in planes so flimsy they weren’t even meant to be in combat. Moments of terror and joy are dispersed throughout and superbly acted.
— D.C. Metro Theater Arts
The relationship between Nina and Polina, played by Alida Rose Delaney and Elizabeth Chahin, was one of the more tender and interesting portrayals of emerging love between women that I’ve seen recently...
— D.C. Metro Theater Arts